Family Transitions Estate and Asset Services     

Family Transitions Estate and Asset Services


The smooth transfer of family assets is a daunting task. Whether the family plans in advance, or the transfer becomes the responsibility of an executor, the work can be overwhelming.

There is a mountain of steps. Family Transitions takes on this complex role, while leaving the client fully in control.

You make informed decisions as required. Our focus is to provide practical, effective value for the client and realize maximum financial benefit through tax reductions or increasing sales values.

We save your money

To provide value to the clients we:
  • Charge a reasonable hourly rate and we will quote an expected maximum fee.
  • Develop a practical approach with you that allows everyone involved to work effectively as a team.
  • Prepare you with all the information you need to maximize the services of the accountant & lawyer.
  • Discuss with you the many options to save taxes, fees and receive other benefits.
Minimize family conflict

Unfortunately, there can be conflict in resolving the many issues in settling an estate, or in planning the transfer ahead of time. As an independent third party, we have the luxury of entering the process totally removed from past conflict, from supposed inequities or from verbal commitments. We can carry out the wishes of the Will or of the estate planner with neutrality. We can also assist in establishing a process that will reduce present and future family conflict about your estate.

Part of settling an estate, is the detailed documentation of assets, their appraisal of value and their distribution to the beneficiaries. With the involvement of the executor; and the beneficiary group, we provide a disciplined process for equitable distribution of the assets according to the Will.

Simplify a complex task.

Whether you are an executor of a will or planning for the smooth transition of your own estate, you will retain control and we will do the work. There is a great deal to do.
We will:
  • Assemble all required information & documents.
  • Submit claims & applications.
  • Notify agencies.
  • Prepare documents for tax returns.
  • Document & evaluate assets.
  • Distribute the assets.
  • Guide you through the decisions you will make.
We administer the estate.

Sometimes, there is an estate or properties that are too much to maintain. Perhaps the deceased took responsibility for these matters, or the surviving partner no longer has the capacity. The son or daughter may be unable to take over due to time constraints, geography or knowledge.
We will:
  • Secure properties & assets.
  • Maintain real estate, cars, boats.
  • Maximize selling price of assets.
  • Upgrade house for best sale value.
  • Appraise & sell valuables, properties.
  • Pay bills & bookkeeping.
  • Report financial performance.

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