Family Transitions Estate and Asset Services     

Family Transitions Estate and Asset Services

Family Transitions is a uniquely designed service that provides sensitive, comprehensive and cost effective solutions to many major life changes.
  • We assist in Estate Planning or Settlement.
  • We document your assets.
  • We organize and administer your finances.
Are you the Executor of an estate and find yourself over your head in terms of time, knowledge, or geography? Has your parent(s) passed away and you are too overwhelmed to deal with all there is to do?

We will assist from the beginning to the end of the process.

Do you need support to continue living independently?

We can take over the bill payments, household administration, and maintenance.

Have you heard stories about family conflicts over estate settlement and want to avoid this happening with your children?

We minimize family conflict through pre-planning, communication, and developing a process with you.

Are you living a distance from your parents who need help you can't physically provide?

We will help them locally with many of their tasks and transitions.

Do you need detailed documentation of your physical belongings for estate, divorce or insurance purposes and are too busy or unable to do it?

We document assets for estate planning or settlement, insurance claims, marriage, divorce or moves.

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